Darren Langley

Internationally certified personal trainer
TBC: Bachelor Degree in Strength and Conditioning / Sport Science

Tel: 0738 – 39 13 74
Mail: darren.langley@viscus.se

Om Darren

After losing a lot of weight in his early twenties while living in South Africa, Darren set about refining his potential and redefining his limits. He threw himself into just about every physical strength discipline he could. He did CrossFit, weightlifting, powerlifting, biking, kettlebells and moved and relished in the art of suffering.

As a coach Darren works to create an environment that pushes and pulls, questions and guides each client towards the embodiment of their full potential. The common thread is design, together you find the problem, you fix the problem and raise the bar. The coach client relationship goes far beyond picking stuff up and putting it down, as a coach he must lead you without hesitation, if you follow you will improve and evolve.


  • TBC: Bachelor Degree in Strength and Conditioning/ Sport Science
  • Internationally certified personal trainer (National Academy of Sports medicine) 2006
  • Corrective exercise specialist
  • Performance exercise specialist
Other educations
  • Certified strength coach level 1 and powerlifting level 2 (Eleiko) 2015
  • Certified movement specialist level 2 (Movnat) 2014
  • Certified kettlebell instructor level 1 (International Kettlebell Federation) 2010
  • Certified CrossFit coach level 1 (CrossFit) 2010
  • Certified level 3 boxing coach (Outbox) 2008
Work life experience
  • Owner and Co-founder CrossFit Hisingen 2012-2015
  • Owner and Co-Founder Gothenburg Throwdown 2014-2015
  • Personal Trainer, SATS Sports Club 2011-2012
  • Personal Trainer, Balance Performance Physiotherapy, London UK 2010-2011
  • Personal Trainer, Fitness First Berkeley Square, London UK 2006-2011
  • Sales Advisor, LA Fitness, London UK 2005-2006
  • Adventure sports, physical and mental challenges, travelling and music
  • English
  • Swedish