Utsikten BK

Viscus Strength and Conditioning Coach Conor Mc Donagh and Viscus Naprapath Stina Sandin is satisfied about the “mini preseason” for Utsikten BK.

“After summer break, we had a testing period to see in which shape players were returning to training. We also begun an intensive training period. We had a 3 week window where which we used like a mini pre-season. Alot of tactical conditioning and speed and agility work. We also have a new head coach on board ”Bosko Orovic”. This has been a great addition to the coaching staff and we have had 3 successful wins against Landskrona bois, Tvååker and Öster. Also one 0 -0 agains Prespa. There is less emphasis on gym work for the current period and a lot of emphasis on recovery and well being. We are trying to maintain gym fitness once weekly but this can also be hard due to match scheduling. We look forward now to the rest of the season and playing and performing to our optimal ability. – Conor Mc Donagh, Strenght and Conditioning Coach Viscus.


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