Lär känna Viscusianerna

Lär känna Viscus medarbetar lite bättre. Först ut är vår Sydafrikanska PT Darren, stark som få nuförtiden men visste du att Darren vägde 115kg för 10 år sen?! Nedan berättar han mer om sig själv, sina intressen och hur han arbetar.





Namn : Darren Langley

Ålder : 35

Från: Född i Sydafrika, åldrats i London och bor nu i Sverige


  • Internationally certified personal trainer (National Academy of Sports medicine) 2006
  • Certified CrossFit coach level 1 (CrossFit) 2010
  • Corrective exercise specialist
  • Performance exercise specialist
  • Certified strength coach level 1 and powerlifting level 2 (Eleiko) 2011
  • Certified movement specialist level 2 (Movnat) 2011
  • Certified kettlebell instructor level 1 (International Kettlebell Federation) 2011
  • Certified level 3 boxing coach (Outbox) 2008

Vad jobbar du med på Viscus?

 Strength and conditioning coach Viscus Masthuggest & Viscus at Astrazeneca


 Extreme sports, travelling, training, cold beers on sunny days!

Berätta lite om dig och din relation till hälsa och träning:

For me fitness was a matter of life or death.10 years ago, 115kg with a one way ticket to a short end. I decided to make a change, i spent the last decade searching for salvation, the quick fix, the best, the easiest, the most effiecient.
The answer i found is simply a choice.. The decision to have a life well lived or a life wasted. A common thread amoungst my clients past and present, the will to overcome and change.
I believe in functional fitness, not the appearance of it, but rather traditional complex functional movements, the way we are meant to move. So throw yourself out there, physical and mental breakdowns will occur but will build confidence. Surround yourself with people like yourself. And remember there are no shortcuts.

Dela med dig av dina tre bästa tips:

1: The mind is primary, eliminate stress for a better life, take charge of your circumstances, the more self reliant you feel in your endeavours the healthier you will be. Sleep and restorative movements are vital!

2: Nutrition is the foundation, eat clean food, free of toxins but dont be afraid to live and have the odd beer!

3. Movement is organic, we are designed to run, squat,jump,climb, sprint and pick up heavy things!


Vill du komma igång med träningen, bli starkare, gå ner i vikt?

Kontakta Darren för en kostnadsfri konsultation.



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